If you become aware or notice at any time that you are not receiving emails from Corsizio, including any notification alerts, new registrations or feedback, there may be several reasons for this.


1. Event(s) not configured properly

The first thing to verify is that you have properly configured your event(s), as all notification settings are event-specific. In Step 5 - Filters & Settings, there is an option called Receive notification emails on every new registration or feedback submission. Be sure that this is checked on. If you have associated an instructor to this event (in Step 1), they and their email address will be listed there for your convenience, as a recipient of incoming notifications.

You also have the option to Select/change recipients within this functionality. When you select this, you will be shown a list of all instructors and users, like admins or editors that you have listed on this account, which includes you. You can check to include any or as many of these recipients as you like or want to receive the notifications for this event. You also have the option to include a single email address of another external recipient, not associated with the account, whom you wish to receive any of this event’s notifications. This is especially helpful when you want to send notifications to a group mailing list configured on your mail server.

Make sure that any email addresses you are using are entered correctly and valid.

2. Notifications in your spam folder

If you have configured your event’s notification functionality correctly and have ensured that email addresses are correct, the next probable reason why you may not be getting the notification emails is that they are going to your spam folder. Be sure to check your spam folder, and if you find any Corsizio notification emails there, be sure to move them to your inbox and unmark them as spam. You should also configure your email client to always send emails from corsizio.com to your inbox, and not your spam folder, specifically support+notify@corsizio.com.

3. Your email service provider is blocking the emails

Depending on your email service provider, especially if it is not one of the widely used, large consumer based providers like Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo, they may be using spam filtration systems like SpamCop and the like, to block emails from certain IP addresses that may have been associated with spam in one way or another. In many cases these IP addresses are shared amongst thousands of users and the filtration services have false positives, causing many legitimate emails not to get through their filters. It will be highly dependent on your provider’s settings.

If neither of the above examples of troubleshooting apply to you, and you suspect that this is the case as to why you are not receiving the email notifications, here are two recommendations:

i) In most cases this issue should resolve itself in a few days on its own, but it may also recur, as something like SpamCop lists and de-lists IP addresses in their block list regularly. To help remedy this, contact your email service provider and ask them to whitelist corsizio.com and specifically support+notify@corsizio.com to allow emails to get delivered to your inbox again.

ii) To ensure uninterrupted notification service, you can either change your email address specifically on the event(s) that are current or upcoming to one from another email service provider and/or add a second email address to your event notification recipients list (see #1 above), that is from another email service provider, like Gmail.

Note that just changing the email address on your Corsizio account, as a whole, does not propagate to all of the already created events. You need to visit your event settings and update its notification configuration.