Corsizio provides you with the ability to offer multiple-price categories on registration forms. You can customize and label multiple-price categories any way you like, as applicable to your event. A few examples of multiple-price category labels can include:

  • Child, Adult, and Senior (age-related)
  • Member and Non-Member (status-related)
  • One-day and Full Weekend (duration-related)
  • and so on…

To set up multiple-price categories for an event, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Step 2 - Pricing & Registration during the creation of a new event or by accessing an already created event. From the main, top navigation menu you can access this by selecting Classes.

  2. Once in “Step 2”, you are provided with one main price setting panel. Underneath you will see the option to Add another price category. Select this to create another price category for the event, and repeat for as many price categories as you need.

  3. Once you add multiple-price categories, you will be provided with the option to name each one (i.e. child, adult, senior, etc.) and set its price. You also have the option to provide a short, public description for each price category. For example, if you have a “Student” category, you may wish to include a description like “must show student ID at door.” Each price category can also have its own early-bird pricing.

  4. If required, sort the price categories in the order that you would like them to be presented on the registration form. The left side of each price panel has an arrow allowing you to move each panel up or down as needed.

  5. Finish this step with any other price-related configurations for the event, as required. (i.e. tax, number of spots, and coupons)

If you changed your mind about offering a certain price category or need to edit any of the multiple-price categories, you have the ability to enable or disable or remove price categories as needed. Be sure to accurately set up your event pricing before you start getting registrations.

  • To enable/disable a category, check/uncheck in the top left-hand corner of the price panel.
  • To remove a price category, click on the “remove” option (located above the price field in each panel).

On the event page, potential attendees will see the lowest price option listed (including any early-bird pricing that may be in effect), preceded by “from”.

On the registration page, potential attendees will see a detailed box of all price options (including any early-bird pricing and descriptions), from which to make their selection.

In the “Attendee” section of your event, you will have the option to filter your attendees based on pricing categories.