You can enable a Certificate of Completion to be auto-generated and sent to a participant on demand, which can have a custom border color, labels, and a brand logo.

Configuring the Certificates of Completion settings

From the Account Settings » Configurations » Certificates Setup, you can configure all of the appropriate settings which enable the generation and granting of certificates to your participants that have fully paid, attended, and completed your class or workshop.

On this settings page, you can do the following:

  1. Decide if you would like the completion certificates feature to be activated and enabled for this account. Optionally, enable the system to prompt you to grant a certificate upon flagging someone as “attended”.
  2. Override some of the labels and colors if needed. The “Granted by” name display is automatically set as the instructor or contact name of the specific class or workshop, but you can globally override that here. You may also override the actual title of the certificate, choose a different background or border color, or provide your own hex color code, like #00BBFF. You can also hide the border altogether.
  3. Upload images. You can upload an image of your brand logo that should be displayed on the completion certificates. If you don’t provide a logo image, then we will use the account’s brand logo as configured under Account Profile. You can also upload an image of a signature of the granting person or as may be applicable otherwise. Image files must be a JPG, PNG, or GIF and be under 5MB. For best results upload a PNG format with a transparent background so it can blend in perfectly with the background of the certificate.
  4. You may also include some optional text as common info or other legal details to show on the certificate near the bottom.

Granting a participant a Certificate of Completion

Once you have enabled this feature, then you will find a menu item labeled Grant a completion certificate within the participant details panel and under the Actions menu link located near the top-right corner of the panel. It will look like something like the screenshot you see here.


Certificates of completion can only be granted if the class or workshop has already started or has past, and if the participant’s registration does not have a pending payment amount still.