You may wish to message your attendees before or after a class or event for important reminders or changes related to the class. For example, to notify them of a location change, or to send them a reminder to bring something specific to the class, or send them a link to material for reading before or after the class, etc.

Keep in mind that Corsizio automatically sends out a reminder to all registered attendees 24 hours before the class starts, as well as payment, registration or refund receipts. If you are using the feedback feature, then Corsizio will also send a feedback request email shortly after the class ends.

To message your attendees, Corsizio offers a memo feature, where you can send a memo (a note or announcement) to a select attendee or attendees, or to the entire group of attendees registered to your event. Please note, this memo feature is intended specifically for short announcements directly related to the specific class.

You can access the memo feature from within your selected class. Simply click on Attendees (or the term you used for your students) and in the top right hand arrow drop down menu, you will see the option to Send a memo to attendees. From here you can send a message to the entire group or select attendees.

You can also access the memo feature from within an attendee’s registration card. If you click on any attendee within a selected class and open their registration card, in the top right hand arrow drop down menu you will see an option to send a memo only to that person.

If you would like to message your students about anything else, like your other products, events, or services, please use a proper email client or newsletter service (ex: MailChimp, Constant Contact, or any other). This allows you to manage a proper mailing list with opt-in and opt-out functionality for legality purposes.

Anytime an attendee or student registers for one of your classes or events, you have access to their email address. You can choose to export the attendee data (namely email addresses) and use your personal email client of choice to have regular communications with these attendees, as may be appropriate.

To export the attendee data, select Classes (or the term you used for your events) from the top navigation menu. Select the class whose attendee data you wish to export. In the top-right hand area, below the user navigation menu, you will notice a button with an arrow that allows you to add a new participant. Click on the arrow and you will see two options to export your data in either a PDF or CSV file. Either one will provide you with the email addresses of all the registered students, that you can then use to create a mailing list.