Contact information is how potential attendees can be in touch with you and ask questions. Consider that attendees may need to contact you before, during, or after your event.

Every event created must have at minimum a public email address as contact info. You can also provide a name, position title, and phone number. This contact information will be visible on each public class page you publish and at the bottom of all related email communications, including registration forms and payment receipts. This allows you to direct all inquiries about classes to a general email address like “” or a specific person.

For your convenience, especially if only one main administrator is responsible for all inquiries, you can configure this contact information as the default for all future events within the account settings. Go to Settings and under Account Configurations select Manage default Contact Info. You can always override this information on a per event need basis.

You can also choose to emphasize the contact info in free-form within the description of the event. This would be filled out during Step 3 — Description & Content of the event creation process.