We leave it up to you if and when you want to collect and tell your attendees that there is an additional fee you want them to pay on registration, or just roll it into the event price instead. You can have Corsizio’s flat service fee and Stripe’s credit card processing fees be paid by the registering attendee in one of two ways:

1. Wrap the expected service fee costs within the price of your event

To do this you would simply raise the price of the event by the amount needed to offset your fees. You can choose to tell your attendees in the event description write-up directly that “price includes online payment service fees”, or not to keep them transparent. That is up to you and will depend on what you feel is best given the nature of your event or audience.

Here is the formula that you would use, as an example, with Corsizio’s $1 service fee and the US or Canada Stripe rates of 2.9% + $0.30 credit card fees:

  • Total price that should be charged = (funds you want + flat service fee + flat credit card fee) / (1 - credit card percentage rate)

Here is how this looks like on a practical level if your event is $500, and you want to ensure that you receive this full amount in your bank account after service fees:

  • Total price that should be charged = ($500 + $1 + $0.30) / (1 - 0.029) = $516.27

Therefore you would charge $516.27, or round up or down depending on your preference, to present your attendees with a round number like $515, $517 or $520.

You will notice that this amount is slightly more than the $500 plus $14.80 if you would do a straight-forward calculation, as you must keep in mind that the fees in this case need to be adjusted in a way that gives you the full $500 in the end.

2. Use the add-on feature to pass on the service fees to your attendee during registration

This allows you to collect a required fee you set on top of the event price and have it be added to your attendee’s total charge during the online registration process.

You can do this by using the “Add-on” feature in Step 2 — Pricing & Payment when creating or editing your event. There, you have an option to enable “Include add-ons on top of the above cost” and make it a required add-on, as opposed to optional. You can name this something like “Registration Service Fee” or similar, and ask for your needed amount. This is an example of what it would look like on your registration form:

Please note that this would apply to all of your registrations whether they are done online by your attendees or you enter them manually yourself.