You may want to offer volume discounts for a specific event. For example, you may want to entice a parent to register another sibling into your class, or a person to register their partner or friend to your event, by offering an automatic discount on the second (or multiple) registration(s) they make.

How to Configure Volume Discounts

During the creation or editing of an event, in Step 2 – Pricing & Payment, you will find an option to Enable automatic volume / bulk discounts. If you enable it, you will be presented with the ability to configure the volume discounts to your needs. First, select the desired discount type as amount or percent off.

Then, to add a discount configuration item, fill in the provided row with the registration position and the amount to discount, and click on Add discount button. This will add the appropriate configuration to the list of discounts. You may continue to add as many discount configuration items as you desire. Just be sure to Save & Exit.

Here’s an example setup for one event:

This setup is flexible enough to allow you to offer any of the following examples of volume discount configurations, and more:

  • Get 20% OFF of any registration beyond the 1st to the same event.
  • Get $50 OFF of the 2nd and 3rd registration, and get $25 OFF for any registration there after to the same event.
  • Get 50% OFF of the 2nd registration, and your 3rd registration is FREE (100% OFF) to the same event.
  • Get a FREE registration for every 10 attendees you signup to the same event.

Note, the cycle repeats for any volume discount setup you configure that ends at a specific registration count (position). The system will start counting their registrations from the beginning so to continue offering them the volume discount applicable.

How Volume Discounts Work

When a customer registers to your event, they will be presented with your offer of volume discounts as a list on the registration form, the thank you screen, and within the email confirmation receipt they receive (see example email below). This will entice them to register another person and receive, or be eligible to receive, one of the volume discounts you configured.

Note that these volume discounts only apply within the context of a specific event and not across all events within an account. Also, the volume discounts will not be offered or applicable with any other discount offer, like discount coupons. You can still have both types of discounts enabled if you like, but the system will enforce the discount from a coupon first, before it tries to apply an applicable volume discount or count the registration towards a future applicable volume discount.

The screenshot below is an example of the display section about the volume discounts configuration. It is visible on the email confirmation receipt the attendee receives of every registration. This can even be forwarded to a friend, for them to use and receive any applicable discount.

Customers must follow the provided buttons or links within the registration flow process to make sure they will be eligible for the discount. As a convenience to the customer that is registering one person after another, the form fields stay filled out from their previous registration and only the name field of the new attendee form will be cleared, so they can quickly fill out and register multiple attendees to your event.

There is also a way for someone to clear or opt-out of the volume discount and choose to pay you the regular price if they wish. This may be helpful when someone feels that they don’t really need your generous discount and are more than happy to support your work and pay you full price for it. They can toggle it back on, to apply again, if they change their mind during their registration.

Volume / bulk discounts can also be applied when you are registering attendees manually.

If you would like a discount to apply across your entire account, use coupon / promo discounts instead.