NOTE: This help doc deals with offering private instead of group, individualized sessions. If you are looking for help related to offering private events, which are not available to the general public but are only for internal or other private purposes, please see our help doc how to restrict registrations to an event.

Aside from small or large group classes, courses, lessons, workshops, or similar events, you may also have the need to offer individual private sessions. For example, you may be running a dance school where students can sign up to specific group classes you are offering and also to one-on-one private classes for more practice and individual assistance.

Currently, Corsizio does not have the ability to provide one-on-one scheduling for private classes or lessons, but this is something that is on our development road map for the future. In the meantime, here are a couple of ways that you may be able to achieve what you need:

Solution 1: Each event is a single private session

You can create an event that would have the general specifications for a private class, including setting the registration limit to 1 (or however many people can attend that private class), then clone it as many times as you need to account for different days and times available. Depending on how many available slots you have, you can do this on a weekly or monthly basis. In this case, you would also create a special category filter in your account settings, and categorize these events as “private classes” so that your audience can quickly filter on them from your event portal page, and then choose from the available day/time sessions that you provided, as follows:

Solution 2: One event houses all private sessions

If you would like a more general solution, where the system takes care of the registration and payment, but you take care of the specific scheduling, then you would create one general private class event per teacher that would have a long open and close date. For example, you can create one for each month or each year. Just be sure to change the registration close date and time in Step 1 of the event creation process. This will allow you to receive registrations for these private classes anytime during that date range.

Students would register to this private class event and pay for it, and as part of your event description and registration form you would explain that you will reach out to them to set a specific time and date for their private class.

You can set a custom message on a registration form by using Custom Form Fields in Step 4 as follows:

Internal view

Registration view

For this case use, you should also consider using the multiple price categories to allow students to choose whether they would like to register and pay for a single class or purchase a package of private classes.