You can create a coupon or promotion code that can be distributed to your potential attendees during your marketing efforts (ex: on social networks, in flyers, etc.), which would offer them a discount to drive more registrations to your classes and events.

Corsizio’s coupon feature allows you to offer and manage discounts that can be applied to your events. This feature offers a great degree of customization and flexibility to be most effective for you. Also, you can create an unlimited amount of coupon codes and make them active or inactive as your needs dictate.

To create a coupon with a discount code follow these steps:

  1. From the main navigation menu, select Coupons. Then click on Add New Coupon.

  2. Name your discount code. Be sure to keep it short and sweet, as this is the code you will be sharing with potential attendees. Coupon codes must be unique within an account, so you cannot have two coupon codes with the same name.

  3. Choose the Coupon Type, which will indicate whether it applies a dollar amount or percentage discount. Then enter the desired discount amount.

  4. Under the Global Assignment, check this option if you would like this coupon to be associated with ALL current and future events. Keep it unchecked to manually assign this coupon to any event you choose. This can be done within the event creation form.

  5. Set the Coupon Status accordingly. You can change the coupon status anytime. For example, you can deactivate coupons temporarily or permanently. You can also have Internal Use Only coupons, which provide you with the ability to apply discounts for any manual registrations. These coupons won’t be available for public use.

  6. You have the option of setting an expiry date, a limited number of coupon redemptions, and adding a note for your records about the nature of this coupon.

You can modify your existing coupons anytime. Keep in mind that if you override the name of the coupon code, the previous version will no longer work.

Coupon codes (exactly as applied during registration) will also show on each attendee’s registration card and registration/receipt email. They also get reported on in your event revenue dashboard as “total discounts”.

Be sure to accurately set up your event pricing before you start getting registrations.

If you would like to offer volume / bulk discounts on a specific event, use the volume discount configuration on that event.