You can manually register someone to your event. This is especially useful if you have walk-ins or someone who may not be able to register themselves, or someone who has paid you outside of Corsizio.

To register an attendee manually, follow these steps:

  1. Select Classes (or the term you used for your events) from the top navigation menu.

  2. Select the event that you wish to register the attendee to.

  3. Click on Attendees (or the term you used for your participants), found either in the side menu or the event stats panel.

  4. In the top right hand corner, you will see the New Attendee (or the term you used for your students) button. Click on that button to add the attendee manually.

  5. A registration form will be presented for you to fill out with the attendee’s information. You can bypass the Additional Information, if applicable, and select the appropriate Payment Option you want to use:

  • Process credit card payment now (if enabled)
  • Skip credit card payment to pay later or pay offline
  • Exempt owing amount and register for FREE
  • Pay a deposit only (if enabled)

The credit card and deposit payment options, will only show up if you have online payment enabled for that event and configured for your account. If you are given the person’s credit card information for a paid class, be sure to act with the strictest security and confidentiality. As a reminder, no credit information is saved on Corsizio’s servers after the transaction is completed.

If the person paid you in another way, outside of Corsizio, after you finish registering them, go to their registration details card and select the Payment tab to add a new manual payment. You will have the option to select the amount and payment method, and add a short description.