You can have your attendees accept a Terms & Conditions or some other Policy document by having a required custom form field that shows up on every registration form. You can set up this new custom field from the Settings » Configurations » Form Fields to apply to all events which are using the global form field settings, or if you decide that you need this custom field to only apply to a specific event, then create the custom form field within the event’s form in Step 4 - Custom Form Fields .

Set up your custom field like the sample screenshot below:

Choose the field type as Multi-choice selection to have it render with a checkbox, and be sure to make it required so they will need to check it. Enter a single choice to select from as you see in the screenshot above. Of course, change the text as needed.

The Help text field can take basic markdown formatting, so having a URL or a markdown link will render properly and will open the link in a new tab. You can add a full paragraph to this help field with multiple links if needed, but do keep it short still. You must host your terms / policy document online somewhere with a link, like your website or a public file on Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

Here’s what the above sample setup looks like on the registration form: