To make the online registration process as quick and simple as possible for interested parties, we recommend that you keep the custom fields in the registration form to a minimum by only collecting the most vital information you need.

However, as part of the event registration, you may need to include or provide your attendees with additional documents such as:

  • Waiver forms
  • Terms and policies
  • Profile forms
  • Prerequisite exercises
  • And similar documents

Tips for Including Additional Documents

First, it is best to host your document in a PDF format on an external storage service like Dropbox, Google Drive or Cloudup. Make sure that the file is publicly accessible, otherwise your attendees will not be able to access it.

Second, you have a few options for how to share this documentation with your attendees.

  • Custom Email Message: If you would like to share documents internally, you can include a link in the custom email message that goes out to your attendees every time they receive a registration receipt / confirmation, or event reminders, where you also include instructions about your requirements for them. Learn how to configure a custom email message.

  • Send a Memo: You can also share documents internally by sending your attendees a memo from within Corsizio regarding your requirements for them. Don’t forget to include the links to the documents you wish to share with them.

  • Event Description: If you would like to share the documents publicly, you would simply link to them on your event page, using the description field.

  • External Email: You can also share documents directly by emailing your attendees the links or documents as attachments the way you normally would through your own email client. To do so, you may need to export your attendee data to get a list of names and email addresses or if you use services like MailChimp or ConstantContact you can use that.

  • As part of the registration: A link to the document can be included in the “Help” text of any custom field. Read our how to include external links on registration forms to learn more.