If you would like to offer your attendees the ability to pay for your event(s) in several installments, you have the following options:

Online Payments

For online payments, Corsizio has a deposit feature, where your attendees can make an initial payment and then a second final payment. If you require a further payment breakdown, we do not offer monthly installment options for online payments at this time.

Offline Payments

If you wish to accept manual or offline payments from your attendees, then you can apply as many partial payments as you like from within your Corsizio dashboard.

For example, if an event is $500 and someone gives you $100 by cheque each month, then you would apply that to their registration manually each month. After each payment is applied, you have the option of sending the latest, updated receipt and any amounts still owing to the attendee. This receipt can be re-sent at any other time as well.