Due to a variety of circumstances, you may need to edit the registration data for a particular attendee.

To edit attendee registration information, follow these steps:

  1. Select Classes (or the term you used for your events) from the top navigation menu.

  2. Select the event that the attendee whose data you need to edit is registered for.

  3. Click on Attendees (or the term you used for your participants), found either in the side menu or the event stats panel.

  4. Locate the attendee and click on their name panel. This will open up their registration card. You can then edit their name, email, phone, or information in any of the additional fields as needed. You also add payments or issue refunds from their Payment tab.

NOTE: You cannot edit the attendee’s payment method, feedback, or the automatic activity logs.

You may, however, add a private activity note as a log item under the Activity tab. This is useful to make note of the changes you made or for any notes that you need to make about the attendee, as related to their registration or participation in your event. For example, their progress, any injuries that may have occurred, any specific requests they made, etc.