If your business needs have changed and you no longer require one or more of your Corsizio accounts, you can delete them as follows:

  • Go to Settings within your Corsizio account.
  • In the left-side menu, see Danger Zone, and choose Delete this Account.

Please note that this only deletes that specific account, and if you have more accounts that you would like to delete, you will need to delete those separately using the same process.

Please also keep in mind that this action is irreversible and means you will no longer have access to, or the ability to get back, any data within that account.

Deleting an Account is not the same as deleting a User Login

Taking the action above — Delete Account — does not delete your Corsizio User Login. If you no longer want to use Corsizio and wish to delete all your accounts, as well as have your personally identifiable data be erased, please read our help doc: How to erase my personal data.

Account Deletion Tips

It is free to have a Corsizio account, no matter how often or rarely you use it. If you have infrequent events, from time to time, you should not delete your account. In such a case, simply keep your account and use it whenever you need, to avoid the loss of any past event, attendee, or other data that you may require for future reference.

However, as part of keeping your account(s) clean and minimizing any unnecessary data retention, we encourage you to delete any events or accounts that you no longer need.