You can collect custom data on registration forms, and you have two ways of going about this:

  • Account wide, which will apply to each event you create.
  • Event specific, which will offer custom settings and options for a specific event.

Account Wide

You can add various fields of custom data based on the configurations you set within your account. To create custom data fields on registrations, follow these steps:

  1. From the top navigation menu, select Settings.

  2. In the left side menu, select Configurations, and then Form Fields.

In this section you can define any custom fields you would like included on registration forms for your attendees to fill out. These will be applied globally to your entire account. You can make these required or optional, and include help text below the field to help the registrant understand what information is specifically required or why.

Event Specific

When you are creating an event, in Step 4 — Custom Form Fields, you have the option of enabling and customizing other fields that you would like to have included for that particular event. To initiate this process, enable additional custom form fields and select the Use a customized list of form fields option.

Next, configure the fields as required for your event. You have several types of form fields to choose from. Give each field a label or question for your attendee to fill out, and you can even include some help text to let them know what is required or why.