Corsizio provides you with the ability to offer your attendees an offline or online payment option, or both.

To configure offline payments, follow these steps:

  1. When you are creating or editing a class or event, in Step 2 — Pricing & Registration, you will see separate options for enabling online and offline payments. Be sure that your desired choice(s) is/are checked.

  2. If you enable offline payments, you will be provided with a field to enter instructions for your attendees, which they will see on the registration form, so that they know how to pay (i.e. to whom, when, where, etc.) for the event. There is also a field to fill in the date by which their payments are due.

  3. During this configuration, you also have the ability to enable automated notification reminders that will be sent to attendees who owe funds as part of their event registration.

  4. For most efficient reporting and business practices, be sure to apply any offline payments as manual payments on the attendee’s profile (registration card) within Corsizio. This will ensure that they are sent a receipt and your reports and records are most accurate.

Be sure to accurately set up your event pricing before you start getting registrations.

Note: For optimum security, Corsizio does not save any credit card data. If your student pays in installments or requires some additional charge, which they would like on their credit card, they must input or give you the number directly each time. It is your responsibility to handle that credit card number with utmost security.

Every time a payment is recorded or charged, a receipt is automatically sent to the attendee and you can also resend the receipt at any time in the future, as may be required. The receipt will detail everything related to the payments of that attendee for that event, as they have been applied to date.