When you are setting up your account, you can assign a default tax amount, which will be applied to every class or event that you create. You can edit or override this amount for any class or event, as needed.

To set an account-wide default tax amount, follow these steps:

  1. From the account profile menu, select Account Settings.

  2. From the left sidebar menu, select Payments Settings.

  3. The right hand area now shows you online payment settings. This is where you can set the default tax amount, tax label like VAT or GST or may be is applicable, as well as configure other payment-related options.

  4. Finish by clicking Save payment settings.

The price of a class or event that participants see before registration does not include the tax. The total along with the tax will be presented on the registration form.

Be sure to accurately set up your event pricing before you start getting registrations.