Each Corsizio account has one owner who is by default the person that created the account. Any users added to the account as admins have most of the same privileges as owners, except for the ability to change any billing related details or remove the owner. Any user added to the account under the role of editor, facilitator, or viewer, each has further limitations on what they can or cannot do within the account as follows:

  • The editor is able to create and manage content in the account, but not change any account settings or configurations.

  • The facilitator is able to create and manage attendees in the account and only view all other details.

  • The viewer is only able to view and read all content, but not do anything else.

If you require a change of ownership on the account, how you proceed will depend on whether you are the owner or not. For the benefit and security of all of our users, please understand that because the account owner has access to billing and bank account information, we cannot switch ownership unless the right verification is provided.

If you are the current owner

You need to send us a support request from your login or email address associated with this account requesting a switch. You will need to let us know which user should be the new account owner and this user must already be designated by you as an admin on the account. If they are not, please add and designate the desired user accordingly. We will then switch the ownership to that user as per your request.

If you are not the current owner

If someone else created the account for you, but you are the actual owner of the business, you will need to get that person—the current owner, to send us a request asking for the switch, as outlined in the paragraph above.

In the unlikely event that you cannot reach that person or in cases of any other unforeseen circumstances, please send us a support request yourself and we will take other measures to verify the identity of the person who is to become the new account owner, on a case by case basis.