To change the time zone for the account, in the top navigation menu select Settings. Then, in the left side navigation menu select Account Profile. Once this opens, you will see a field labelled Default Time Zone. Use its drop-down menu to select your location or the location closest to you, which reflects your correct time zone.

Please note that this list is derived from Universal time zone settings and many specific locations are not listed. For example, someone in Tampa, Florida or Savannah, Georgia may choose “America/New York - EST/EDT” or another eastern time zone location.

You can also change the time zone for a specific class or event, overriding the default time zone that you set for the account. You can do this during the creation of a new event, or after its creation by editing it in Step 1 - Main Details. There, below the End Date & Time you will see the defined time zone. By clicking on the set time zone, you will be able to choose a different time zone.