How you deal with the cancellation of an event will greatly depend on whether there are already attendees registered to it or not.

Please note that unpublishing an event does not mean that it is a cancelled event. Rather, it means that you are removing it from being accessible publicly. For example, you may want it to be behind the scenes to register attendees manually yourself. Or, you may already have attendees, but wish to remove it from public view for any number of reasons.

No Attendees Registered

If you have no attendees registered for a particular event, the process to cancel is very simple. You just need to unpublish or archive or delete the event.

Whether you fully delete the event is completely up to you. Some instructors like to keep the event for future reference, or take advantage of its already populated information fields and run the event again at some future time simply by changing the date and re-publishing the event or cloning it.

Have Attendees Registered

If you have attendees registered for a particular event, there are a few important steps and considerations. First, it is highly advisable that you reschedule the event, by changing the event date(s) and communicating with all registered attendees by sending them a memo, rather than fully canceling it. If this is not possible and you must completely cancel the event, follow these steps:

Step 1: Unpublish the class

In the top navigation menu, choose Classes (or the term you used for your events) and select the event you wish to cancel. In the event status bar, click on the button labelled Unpublish. You will receive a prompt asking if you would like to unpublish the class. Click “Yes”. This will only remove the event from public view, but the event registrations within it are not cancelled.

Step 2: Deal with registered attendees

Since attendees are registered, you must now decide what to do with the registered attendees. You can either transfer them to another event or cancel each individual registration, depending on your policy.

You can also communicate with the registered attendees to inform them of any changes/cancellations from within Corsizio using the Memos feature. While you are in the event page that needs to be cancelled, in the left side menu go to Memos and click on the New Memo button from the top right corner. Fill out the memo form and send to message all of the registered participants about the cancellation of the event, any applicable reasons for the cancellation, and to notify them about refunds coming (if applicable). Be sure that all of the attendees are selected as recipients.

When you cancel an attendee, you also get the option of having an automatic email sent to them immediately as a cancellation confirmation, and no further reminders about the event will be sent out, given their cancelled status.

Step 3: Issue refunds if any payment was made

Unpublishing an event and/or cancelling an attendee registration does not automatically refund any payments. This is by design to allow you full flexibility over the event and registrations, as user accounts have different policies and needs with regards to these processes.

To process a refund, go to the Attendees (or the term you used for your attendees) section for that event, and click on each participant who requires a full or partial refund. As soon as you click on one of the attendees, their details panel will open. Select the tab marked Payment, there you will find a refund button. Select it and follow the prompts to issue the appropriate refund. An automatic refund receipt will be emailed to the attendee, with the refund details displayed.