Corsizio allows you to add multiple users to your account. These users can be designated to have the ability to edit or view-only the account. This can help with your administrative functions and event organization.

To add users to your account, go to Settings from the top navigation menu. In the left side navigation, select Users List. You can then add any number of users you like, and assign them appropriate roles as you require. The newly added account user will be sent an email that will invite them to the account, under the assigned role. The user must use the link in this email to be associated with your account. Otherwise, if they just sign up and create their own Corsizio account, they will not see your data or have access to your account.

How it works?

Inviting a user will send them an email with a link to follow. Once they follow the link sent, their user login will be associated with this account under the role you granted them.

You may change someone’s role within the account or remove them altogether at any time. The following is a breakdown of the roles available:

OWNER is able to do everything in the account.

ADMIN is able to do everything in the account but not bank connection or remove the owner.

EDITOR is able to create and manage content in the account but not change any account settings or configurations.

FACILITATOR is able to create and manage attendees in the account but only view all other details.

VIEWER is only able to view and read all content but not do anything else.