Instructor or teacher bios are not the same as account users. You can add multiple users to your account who are not instructors of any events, but may help you manage the account. These users would have access to the account, and be given the roles of admins, editors, or viewers, as set by an account admin. Likewise, you can add multiple bios of instructors to be associated with any event, who will not have access to your Corsizio account. Of course, your account users can also be event instructors who require bios. You have several options in how you set this up and it will all depend on your needs.

Instructions for New Teacher Bios

To add instructor/teacher bios, from the top navigation menu, select Instructors (or the term you used for your teachers). Once this page opens, you will notice at the top a blue button to add a new instructor. Once selected, it will open up the new instructor form. Fill out the appropriate fields for the new instructor, and be sure to click Save & Exit. You can then finalize the profile by uploading a teacher photo.

As mentioned above, these instructors do not have access to the account, unless you also add them as account users. The instructor bios are for display purposes on your events or for when you want to select recipients who will be notified of new event registrations.