If you need to manually record a payment for a registered attendee, whether this is a cash, check, credit card, debit, or money transfer payment, you may record it or charge their credit card manually from the application.

This feature is especially useful for those teachers who:

  • receive funds in instalments or collect funds from their students directly;
  • would like to accept in person or on site payment (cash, check or credit card) for the event registration;
  • collect deposits initially online, and later need to collect the remainder of the pending payments in person or on site;
  • or would like to have a merchant-like terminal available to them to charge their attendees for additional items at the event, or any other applicable time.

To apply or add a manual payment, follow these steps:

  1. Select the class that the person in question is registered for or you would like to register them for, and click on Attendees (or the term you used for your participants).

  2. Select the registered attendee, which will bring up their registration card, or add a new attendee manually.

  3. On their registration card, select the tab marked Payment. There you will find an option to add a payment. Proceed with the manual payment as applicable. You can add multiple payments or instalments of paid funds over time or additional charges for that attendee as required.

Note: For optimum security, Corsizio does not save any credit card data. If your student pays in instalments or requires some additional charge, which they would like on their credit card, they must input or give you the number directly each time. It is your responsibility to handle that credit card number with utmost security.

Every time a payment is recorded or charged, a receipt is automatically sent to the attendee and you can also resend the receipt at any time in the future, as may be required. The receipt will detail everything related to the payments of that attendee for that event, as they have been applied to date.