Corsizio is dedicated to providing a high-quality service that offers fair and competitive pricing for all of our users. As part of our commitment to provide you with a valuable tool and outstanding customer service, including access to all features, data storage, and security, we offer free low volume usage and pay-per-use higher volume usage pricing for all registrations processed.

How does it work?

When your total registration usage for a given month is within the low volume limit, up to 50 new registrations, then we do not bill you for that month regardless if you have enabled billing or not. Our free usage allows your account to accept up to 50 new registrations per month, but you can remove that limit and accept unlimited registrations at any time without any interruption in service by enabling the pay-per-use billing for your account.

With enabled billing, registrations are billed a one-time fee of $0.1 per registration on a pay-per-use basis (only once) at the end of the billing cycle. You are only billed when your total usage of new registrations for the month goes above 50 new registrations.

You will receive alerts from Corsizio if you do not have billing enabled, when you are getting close to your limit and when you reach the free usage limit. If you do reach the maximum limit within a month and you do not have billing enabled, the system will stop accepting any new registrations for your account. This limit will be removed as soon as you enable billing; otherwise, it will reset in the next billing cycle.

You can view your current and historical usage trends and data in your account reports from within your Corsizio dashboard.

This billed usage applies to all registrations processed, regardless of any online payment processing fees.

What counts as a registration?

Anytime someone registers to one of your events or to a waiting list for your events, or anytime you manually register someone, this counts as part of your total usage for the month.

If you cancel or delete a registration, and since that registration was already processed by Corsizio, it still counts as part of your total usage for the month it was registered in, and we do not charge you anything extra to process the cancellation or deletion of it.

How much does it cost?

If your total usage in a given month is between 0 and 50 new registrations, then there is no charge for those registrations. Your usage is considered low volume, is free, and you do not get billed.

If your total usage in a given month is more than 50 new registrations, then you are billed a one-time fee of $0.1 for each new registration in one of the following currencies, depending on the payment card’s associated country or region: USD, CAD, GBP, EUR, AUD, or SGD. The default billing currency is USD for all other countries or regions.

Here is a sample case scenario over the span of six months:

Billing period Total new registrations Amount billed
January 43 $0
February 71 $7.10
March 26 $0
April 4 $0
May 108 $10.80
June 50 $0

How do I get billed?

To enable billing and remove the low usage limit for your registrations, visit the Billing & Usage area from within your Corsizio dashboard and add a credit card for your billed usage. At the end of each month, if your total usage is above the low volume limit, your payment card will be billed accordingly, and you will be emailed an invoice receipt for your total usage for that month. At any time you can access and download your past invoice receipts in a PDF format from within your account billing area.

Please note that you may see slight differences between information listed on your invoice for that month and in your report dashboard due to timezone adjustments.

Is billing subject to any taxes?

Corsizio is a company based in Ontario, Canada who provides a registration service to businesses worldwide.

  • If you are located in Canada, your invoice total is subject to the 13% HST sales tax.

  • If you are located in Europe, including the United Kingdom and Ireland, use the reverse charge mechanism for your VAT remittance.

  • If you are located in the US, Australia, New Zealand, or any other country not mentioned above, your bill will not include any taxes.

What if events are free, for charity, or not-for-profit?

We aim to provide everyone equally with an ultra-low, highly discounted, pay-per-use, and cost-effective model for higher volume needs and free usage for low volume needs. This means everyone has access to all of our features, support, security, data storage, and service value.

What happens if you disable your billing?

If you decide to disable your billing at any time during a billing cycle, your account will continue to accept unlimited registrations until the end of the month, and your final bill will be at the end of that month’s billing cycle. At the end of that month, you will receive your final invoice. Going forward your account will be back on the free, low usage limit, meaning that you can receive up to 50 registrations each month and you are not billed for these registrations.

If you decide to delete your entire account while you still have billing enabled, then the system will immediately send you the final invoice, if applicable, and close the billing cycle.

Keep in mind that you can continue to keep billing enabled even if you don’t use Corsizio for several weeks or months at a time, as you will not be charged anything. Even when you do use Corsizio, if your total volume is only up to 50 registrations in any given month, then you also do not get billed for that low volume usage.