Corsizio provides you with a web presence in several ways.

Event Portal Site

Each account has its own aggregate portal website that lists all of the events in that account and makes them available online under a unique web address. You can set this unique web address, under Settings > Configurations > Portal Site when configuring your account.

Students and potential attendees will be able to filter using categories, location, price, and other filters to find what they are looking for within your portal website. This portal site will be public and searchable on major search engines as well. It is generated with SEO and mobile-friendly technology.

There are a few settings on the portal page, which you can customize, like uploading a custom logo, showing the calendar view by default and adding top and bottom messages.

Sample Portal Site

You can embed this entire portal page as an HTML iframe into your website if you desire. As part of the embed, you can further customize a few areas of the portal site, like removing the header, since it will be embedded within your own website.

Embeddable Widgets

Corsizio also provides you with a variety of embeddable widgets for each event. These include cards, buttons, and links to the event page or directly to a registration form. You can use these on your own website, social media, or other online outlet, as most appropriate for your needs.

These widgets are available to you within the Sharing / embed codes section of an event.