Your customers can register multiple attendees in an easy and super convenient way. How it works on Corsizio is that each attendee registration is a single step (simple form) and has its own record, its own confirmation email sent, and its own payment transaction data. This way each registration/attendee can be managed independently within the system, like refunds, cancellations, transfers, activity logs, and notes, and ensures optimized record keeping for you.

When a person registers to one of your events, the registration flow enables them to click the button Register another person that is presented to them right after each registration. If they have someone else to register, they would use this option and the form returns again with all the fields filled out exactly how they just entered them, except the attendee’s name field, which is cleared and ready for them to enter the next person’s name. They may choose to modify any of the other fields if they desire and simply click the “Register” button. Then again, they are presented with the option to “Register another person” or “Close” the registration form and end the process.

This can be applicable for many scenarios. For example:

  • A parent who is registering multiple siblings with the same email address and credit card info, where all receipts and reminders will be sent to one person.
  • A group administrator who is registering multiple participants with different email addresses, where each would receive their own receipts and reminders, and who may or may not share the same payment option.

The flexibility is there with the convenience they need and proper record keeping you need. This flow also helps to track and apply any volume / bulk discounts that you may have enabled on that event.