As part of Corsizio’s event registration and payment process, your attendees get sent automatically generated emails, which may include:

  • A registration confirmation/receipt email (mandatory)
  • A payment reminder email (optional: see Step 2 — Pricing & Payment of Event)
  • An event reminder email (optional: see Step 5 — Filters & Settings of Event)
  • A feedback request email (optional: see Step 5 — Filters & Settings of Event)
  • A cancellation/refund email (mandatory)

As an event organizer, you can also send yourself, or to whomever you deem applicable, notification emails of every new registration or feedback submission from attendees. (See Step 5 — Filters & Settings of Event)

How to Preview Emails

To preview any of these emails you need to have an attendee within your account, be they real or fake, such as a test or sample attendee. As long you have any attendee, you have three main options to choose from for previewing any of the emails that could get sent to your event registrants.

Note, option 1 and 2 below allow you to preview any of the mandatory and optional emails, depending on the action you take. Option 3 below, only allows you to preview any of the three optional emails.

1. Preview from sample data

When you register for an account with Corsizio we provide you with sample data, which you can remove or bring back anytime with one click from the account Settings. The intention of this data is to allow you to explore, experiment, play, test and understand how Corsizio works and how to use it. Aside from seeing what an event or attendee would look like in your dashboard, and the options you have to modify each of those areas, this also provides you with the ability to preview any of the above mentioned emails.

For example, register a new test attendee using your own email address to see what a confirmation/receipt email will look like. To see a cancellation or refund email, simply cancel and/or refund that test attendee. To preview any of the three optional emails, visit the details panel (information card) of any test attendee, and select the Actions dropdown menu, which will provide you with three email preview options. (See image at the bottom of this help doc.)

2. Preview by registering yourself

If you don’t want to use the sample data Corsizio provides you with and/or if you don’t yet have any actual attendees registered to any of your events, then you have the option of testing and previewing any emails you like by registering yourself to a real or test event. You can always remove yourself from the event to preview cancellation and/or refund emails too. Just like above, you can access the preview option of the three optional emails from within the attendee details panel. (See image at the bottom of this help doc.)

3. Preview from an already registered attendee

If you already have an attendee registered to one of your events, you can quickly and easily preview their Receipt Email, Payment Request Email and Feedback Request Email from within their attendee details panel. This will also give you an overview of how all your attendee emails will look like for that event.


  1. Click on the attendee and open their details panel (information card).

  2. Click on the Actions dropdown menu in the top right-hand corner of the panel.

  3. Choose from any one of the Email Previews located at the bottom of the menu.