Whether you are interested in offering free or paid, small or large events, Corsizio offers you and your attendees a clean, modern, quick, easy, and user-friendly process to set up or register for any events, along with many additional features to enhance this experience.

Once you open a Corsizio account, the best way to get the most out of it is as follows:

  • First, configure your new account by visiting the Account Settings area and exploring all of the configuration options available to you, like managing global terminology, setting pre-defined locations, setting your timezone, and so on. Also, be sure to name your account to reflect your business appropriately, and add an optional logo.

  • Second, set up your billing by visiting the Account Billing for your registrations. You will not be billed anything if your registrations are within the free low usage allowance within any given month, and having billing set up ensures that your registrations do not have any service interruptions if your volume goes above the free low volume limit.

  • Third, if you are planning on accepting any online payments, go to Payment Setup and follow the one-step integration with Stripe to be able to receive money from your attendees. Be sure to select your appropriate currency.

  • Foruth, explore the many fields, features, and functions to familiarize yourself with the seamless process of creating event and registration pages.

  • Fifth, create an event, even if this will be a sample practice event to experience all of the possible features that Corsizio offers. You can even publish the sample event (make it free or paid with a nominal fee) in order to give yourself the experience of testing out the registration, email notification, and receipt of payment (if applicable).

Use Corsizio as often as your class or event needs dictate, without any commitments, knowing that you can always count on a professional and technologically advanced way of interacting with your attendees to enable them to quickly and easily register to any of your classes or events.