There are several settings, which allow you to customize the auto-generated event portal site. Go to Settings > Configurations > Portal Site.

Enable Generated Portal Site

Decide if you would like this auto-generated portal site to be activated and reachable publicly on the Internet by selecting the appropriate checkbox.

Theme & Colors

Choose a color theme from the dropdown list or provide your own hexadecimal color codes like “#393939” for the header background and text colors. Here is a good directory of color codes:

Layout Options

You can select or de-select from these available options:

  • Override the default order of the events on generated portal. This is helpful when you want to change the default sort order of the event list.

  • Hide the filtration toolbar on generated portal. This is helpful when you normally have a small number of upcoming events and you don’t want filters used.

  • Hide social icons on all generated pages. This is helpful when your classes are for a closed community and you don’t need any online social sharing, or you just want to remove them.

  • Show calendar view by default on the generated portal. This is helpful when you have too many events in a month. Users can still show/hide as desired.

  • Hide all cover photos on the list of events. This is helpful when you simply want to prevent showing cover images for each event within the list and gain more space for text instead. Note that they are automatically hidden if no images are present for any item in the list.

Price Display Options

  • Hide any free ($0) pricing labels on generated pages. This is helpful when you only offer free events and you don’t want the pricing label to show in public listings.

  • Include any taxes in the display price labels on generated pages. This is helpful when your customers expect the taxes to be included in the displayed price as is expected in some regions.

Brand Name or Logo Image

Choose what brand name or logo should be displayed on the header of the auto-generated portal. You can choose to use the account name as configured under Account Profile or upload an image that includes your brand / logo.

If you are using a logo image, for best display results, the image upload should be horizontally rectangular with a height of around 120px – the width will adjust accordingly. Image file must be a JPG, PNG, or GIF and be under 5MB. An ideal image would be a PNG file with a transparent background to blend in better.

Top and Bottom Message Bar

You may also include a short message in the top-bar (just below the header) and/or the bottom-bar (just above the footer) on the auto-generated portal site. Text content can be formatted using Markdown and/or HTML. This is useful in cases where you want to show a brief policy reminder with a link to another full webpage, or emphasize any other needs you may have.

Be sure to save any changes you make before you exit this configuration setup.