Accepting Registrations

Given our monthly free low usage allowance and ultra-low, highly discounted, pay-per-use model for higher volume needs, we wanted to provide everyone with the same benefits. See our pricing for more details. No matter how small or large your event may be, whether you run events regularly or infrequently, whether your events are free or paid, or what organization your events are affiliated with, you still get full access to all of our features, support, security, data storage, and service value.

Therefore, if your non-profit or charity registration needs are low (below 50 in a given month), you are not billed for those registrations. You only get billed if you have higher volume needs in any given month.

Accepting Online Payments

If you choose to accept online payments from your attendees, those payments are subject to Corsizio’s payment processing fee and Stripe’s payment processing fee. Just like with registrations, we aim to offer everyone a fair and accessible rate for using our service, and hence only have a flat nominal amount of $1 per registration payment processed, instead of a percentage.

Stripe may be able to offer lower credit card rates to non-profits who have official status, depending on your volume. Stripe does not have a published set amount for non-profits, but handles it on a case-by-case basis. To inquire about what is possible, please email them at: or read their fee discount for non-profit organizations.