Each Account Gets One Payment Currency

As a Corsizio user you can create one or more accounts under your user login. Each account can only be set to one currency. This means that every event within that account will have the same currency. This also means that anyone in the world can register and pay for one of your events, but they cannot choose to use their own currency, if they do not wish to pay in the currency set for the event. Therefore, there would be a conversion on the customer’s side and the event organizer receives the funds in the currency they set for their account.

Multiple Currency Options for Events or Attendees

If an event organizer wanted to offer their attendees the choice to choose the currency they would like to pay in, this is not possible to do in Corsizio, as each event takes on the currency of the account that it is part of.

The only way to overcome this partially would be to create multiple accounts in different currencies that we support under the same user login. A similar event can then be created within each of these different currency accounts and shared with attendees accordingly. For example, an event organizer can embed or share separate links to their event, one for each different currency, and then the attendees would choose via which link they would register to match their preferred currency.

Please note that this partial solution can make managing an event very cumbersome, as the same event cannot be managed across multiple accounts. For example, if you get 2 registrations to the USD account for the event, it will not be reflected in the CAD account for the event, meaning that some manual work will be required to consolidate. This solution makes most sense when different events are happening in different geographical areas, and not the same event for which you want to offer different currencies. This partial solution is definitely not recommended for events that have a limited number of spots or for event organizers who require full consolidation in their account reports.

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