For Your Customers as Event Attendees

If you are located in Europe or need to charge value-added tax (VAT), you can easily do that by setting the tax percentage account-wide or per event. For more information about this, please read our help documentation: How to charge taxes?

Tax amounts that you collect, including your VAT number, are always shown on all confirmation/payment receipts that are sent out to your event attendees.

In your Corsizio reports, you will have a breakdown of all of your totals, including how much of your funds have gone towards any taxes.

For You as a Corsizio Customer

Corsizio is a company based in Ontario, Canada who provides a registration service to businesses worldwide and, thus, is not required to charge European VAT.

  • If you enable billing to accept unlimited registrations, and are located in Europe, including the United Kingdom and Ireland, use the reverse charge mechanism for your VAT remittance. You will not see any VAT or other tax charges on your billing invoice.

  • If you accept online payments from your attendees via Stripe, please read Stripe’s documentation: Do Stripe fees include indirect local tax fees, like VAT? in order to know how this may apply to your transactions. Corsizio does not invoice you for its payment processing fee, which is directly subtracted during the processing of the payment, and as above, does not charge you any VAT on this fee.